Individual large animal pens
Individual large animal pens

The PC1 animal facility is within the main building of the biocontainment area and has a total of 24 individual large animal pens measuring 2.3m by 4m. The pens can be used for sheep, pigs, cattle or other livestock as they are versatile and have adjustable rails to accommodate different sizes. The drinkers have been placed low enough to allow smaller livestock to be able to access water as well as larger animals. The pens have raised mesh flooring which is easy to clean and the pens are also suitable for tick research with moats around the pens. Each individual pen has a head bale incorporated in front of the feeder to allow labour effective access for bleeding or other sampling procedures. The flooring external to pens has been modified to a rubber anti-slip material which is the same as that used on live export boats and is optimal for animal welfare.

The design of the animal holding facility has created user friendly and labour saving facilities where OHS and animal welfare is paramount. There are two separate animal rooms, each housing 12 individual pens. Each room is a mirror image of the other side and waste leads into drains where sump pumps direct the waste to treatment tanks or to the effluent pond as determined by the operator.

Between the two rooms is a central crush area with incorporated weighing crate. There is also an animal entry room for new animal arrivals and the race is designed for safe easy work with animals. The central area leads directly to the PC1 quarantine yards and as a result of the optimally designed raceways linking different parts of the facility, the animals do not have to come into further contact with a truck after being delivered to QASP. The PC1 animal rooms can also be linked to the necropsy post mortem room using the PC2 corridor as per agreed protocols.

The facility is evaporative cooled and this system is automatically controlled and monitored by the Building Management System (BMS). The lights are on a separately controlled timer set to parameters required by the research.

There is a feed preparation room and feed storage room attached to the animal facility. Feed silos are located outside the building and augers bring feed directly into the feed storage room. The anteroom has large benches with storage space and a large capacity cold room attached.

The PC1 animal room has shower facilities to allow personnel to shower in and out, with lockable lockers for storage of personal items.

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