I have worked in many facilities around the world and QASP really is world class. It enables me to meet the highest wel-fare and experimental conditions which are necessary to successfully conduct experiments. Students now have the oppor-tunity to experience research to the highest standards. The availability of QASP has enhanced our ability to attract re-search funds from industry bodies.

Professor Dennis Poppi (BAgSc, MPhil, PhD)

Professor of Animal Nutrition

School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
The University of Queensland

Dennis Poppi

We have been extremely satisfied with both the facilities and level of service provided at QASP. The staff have supported our research at many levels – from animal care and sample collection, to consultation on experimental design and ethics. Their commitment to achieving scientifically robust outcomes whilst maintaining high welfare standards is evident at all times. I look forward to further collaboration with QASP and continued research success.

Dr Kate Mounsey (BSc, MPH, PhD)

Research Fellow, School of Health & Sport Sciences

University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia

Clinical Tropical Medicine Laboratory
Queensland Institute of Medical Research

Kate Mounsey

I have been developing piglet trials at QASP for the last 4 years and I have always been very pleased with the outstanding and professional predisposition of all the staff involved. One of the main virtues of the Precinct is the versatility of the facilities which allows to develop research of the highest standard in practically any farm animal species you may require. In particular, QASP PC2 and climate controlled rooms have the potential to put QASP as an international reference for animal science studies.

Dr Eugeni Roura (BVSc, PhD, Reg. Nutr.)

Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences
Affiliated Senior Lecturer, School of Biomedical Sciences

Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation
The University of Queensland

I have seen and worked at similar facilities North America and in Europe, and QASP is as good or better. We have undertaken a number of studies within the climate controlled rooms and the feedlot at QASP. This climate control facility is one of the best in the world for undertaking large animal research. The ability to house animals in groups or individuals, and the flexibility to conduct studies with fluctuating or set temperatures and humidity has enabled us to attract significant external funding. The feedlot and the climate controlled rooms have also allowed staff and students to participate in high quality research.

Dr John Gaughan (BAppSc, MAgSc, PhD)

School of Agriculture and Food Sciences (Animal Science)
Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation

The University of Queensland


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