Multifunction laboratories
Multifunction laboratories

In the main building of QASP there are three multifunction laboratories. Two laboratories are of identical size and are adjacent to each other. These laboratories measure 6m by 6m and are set up to facilitate laboratory work undertaken by up to four to six personnel at one time. They both have a certified fume cupboard and one has an additional laminar cross-flow bench set up to direct the air flow away from the researcher.

Small laboratory

There is also a larger laboratory on the other side of the building measuring 8m by 6m which is configured to concurrently allow eight researchers to work comfortably. In this laboratory there is one fume cupboard and 2 large sinks with double the bench space of the two smaller laboratories. A unique feature of this laboratory is the versatile design with access to three areas. Firstly, it is linked to an animal clinic with a preparation area, operating theatre and animal recovery room. It also directly accesses the main corridor and a flexible write-up office area with desk space for at least 4 personnel. Additionally there is direct access to an isolated corridor linking the laboratory to the two small constant control rooms or insectaries.

Large laboratory

The laboratories are designed for flexible use to allow the space to be customised on an individual basis depending on what researchers’ requirements are for a specific project. As such, clients can hire the laboratory as an empty space, and depending on what they will require for their experiments, they can choose to bring in their own equipment and consumables or items can be sourced and purchased by QASP staff on request. Each of the three laboratories has a large amount of storage space with lockable cupboards, laboratory sinks, a hand washing sink, a telephone, multiple internet ports, laboratory fridges, chemical storage, and flammable storage cabinets as well as safety shower and eyewash station as required by current Queensland OHS legislation. Client access to a wide range of laboratory equipment and consumables can be arranged by QASP staff.


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