Metabolism crates
Metabolism crates

There are 16 large cattle metabolism crates which allows for an ideal experimental design to complement use of the large individual animal pens. Most commonly, after an initial experimental trial or holding period, cattle in the 32 large individual animal pens are then be separated into two groups of 16 animals and sequentially rotated through the metabolism crates.

The cattle metabolism crates are housed within a large shed with evaporative cooling, located adjacent to the individual pens in a custom designed facility. The crates can be modified as required to fit different breeds and sizes of animals as they are adjustable to suit animals ranging from 200 kg to 800 kg. Animal urine and faeces can be easily collected and separated with a urine tray located in the middle of the crate and a faeces tray at the back. A urine transfer and chemical neutralising system is incorporated within the metabolic crates to reduce the chance of any lost data and experimental variation.

To provide high levels of animal welfare, cattle have sufficient space to easily lie down in the metabolism crates. Rubber matting is used on the floor during animal transfer to reduce the chance of slip injury.

The feeders have been designed to have a controlled intake and the drinkers have been constructed and placed to avoid any water from contaminating urine collection.

There are crush facilities at the rear of the building and any individual animal can be easily and safely moved to the crush using custom designed anti-slip raceways lining the internal perimeter of the room.

Crate top view    Crate front view


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