PC2 Necropsy Area
PC2 Necropsy Area

The main building within the containment area has a large necropsy room measuring 8.5m by 6.5m which incorporates a state of the art hoist rated to lift up to 1.25 tonne. The hoist can move through the necropsy room into the large adjacent cull room. The necropsy room can be directly linked to the PC2 animal holding rooms via the PC2 corridor but the cold room is also accessible via the outside to facilitate easy removal of clinical waste via certified contractors.

Separate male and female bathrooms are linked with the necropsy room to allow personnel to shower in and out as required. All liquid waste is pumped to the Effluent Waste Treatment Plant or autoclaves. There is a magnetic knife sterilising and heating dip installed to allow for more time effective processing. Livestock can enter the necropsy room easily via a series of interlinked raceways and there are crush facilities. There is a large area of bench space, storage space, LPG connection and a transfer port directly into the attached PC2 laboratory.

There are office facilities adjacent to the necropsy room which can be provided for write-up.


Necropsy table    Necropsy window     Necropsy crush 

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