Containment Area holding yards
Containment Area holding yards

The containment area of QASP includes well designed animal holding yards. The yards are separated into two sections which facilitates the holding of two groups of livestock at one time. The yards incorporate a crush and scales, and have animal welfare as a priority. A personnel working area separate from the animal holding area also maximises the safety of personnel.

The yards lead directly into the PC1 facility via raceways such that the animals do not have to re board a truck after initial entry to QASP. The same drinkers that are within the PC1 facility are also in the holding yards so animals can become habituated to them prior to the commencement of experimental trials. The welfare of the animals is of the highest priority with the area partially under cover to allow shade and protection from the elements.

For convenience there is also a feed shed located adjacent to the yards to allow storage of feed in an easy to access location. Part of the function of the containment area holding yards is to habituate the animals to being fed a pelletised diet as hay and lucerne are generally not fed within the PC1 facility.

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