Animal behaviour complex
Animal behaviour complex

QASP features a state of the art animal behavioural complex with rooms in a hexagon design orientation based on Dr BF Skinner’s theories of operant conditioning. This complex facilitates preference testing and has a central neutral cell surrounded by six outer cells that can all be linked to each other.

Differing conditions can be created in each room and once this complex is completed animals will be able to select each room by electronic lock selection which can provide valid information about preferences or aversions towards specific housing conditions. Examples of experiments most regularly undertaken in this complex include preference testing of food types, preferences to different sounds played in each cell, different light intensities can be tested, and future development will involve the capacity to preference test different climatic conditions. A wide range of smaller livestock can utilise the complex such as sheep, pigs, calves, and chickens.

The cells are linked to an outside holding yard which facilitates easy loading and transport. Animals can also have access to the outside yard during experimental trials which has been fitted with shade cloth, mesh barriers and appropriately sized drinking troughs.

Usage of cells will be able to be automatically logged using the ‘Crestron’ control system. Crestron is the world's leading manufacturer of advanced control and automation systems which allows real-time facility-wide monitoring, control and management of a wide variety of attributes.

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