In the non-contained area of QASP there are animal handling yards able to accommodate up to 300 head of cattle. There are three large holding areas for animals being inducted, all with access to fresh water and feeding areas. Within the main yards, there is one pneumatic crush which is located directly in front of a weighing crate. The weighing crate incorporates a ‘Tru-Test’ device which can link with the NLIS panel reader such that the identification and weight of the animal can be saved in the device along with additional information such as sex and breed. This data can then be easily transferred to a computer for accurate and detailed results.

A long race has been designed to link with a V-shaped forcing yard which includes some state of the art safety features such as gradient hinges. These locking devices stop the gate being forced back by cattle which protects the operator. Specialised MLA approved flooring is incorporated in the main yards which is non-slip and absorbs impact to optimise the welfare of the animals. The crush has a pneumatic squeeze, a pneumatic rear door, and also pneumatically operates a 5-way drafter. This design is very user-friendly and reduces labour requirements while keeping the welfare of the animals paramount. All QASP staff are well trained and experienced with working with large animals and employ Low Stress Stock handling (LSS) techniques outside of the flight zone of the animals. Access to an adjacent Veterinary Science facility can be organised on arrangement if required.

Through the use of custom designed gates and panels, the main yards have direct access to most other animal holding areas within QASP, such that after arrival to the facility on the truck animals do not require further use of a truck for the duration of any research at QASP.

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