A project is defined as any activity conducted in the QASP facilities other than what is required to maintain or develop the facilities as such. This includes any research, consultancy, teaching, extension or demonstration by or on behalf of UQ or DAFF or any other external entity.

The process for initiating a research project involves:   

  • Chief Investigators / Project Leaders will discuss their proposed project with QASP Management, who will advise on likely resource requirements and availability of the facilities;
  • An application to conduct research at QASP will be completed;
  • Projects will be undertaken on the basis of a Service Level Agreement which will be negotiated by the Chief Investigator or Project Leader and QASP Management. The SLA ill be an estimation of the work to be carried out and can be used in funding applications. QASP Management will ensure that the agreed resources are provided to the Chief Investigator or delegated representative in accordance with the Service Level Agreement
  • All necessary ethical clearances are to be obtained and provided to QASP Management;
  • The funding source will be confirmed;
  • QASP Management will maintain a booking system that is based on the first-in-first-served principle. This process will take into account those legitimate situations where flexibility is required in the bookings of time to allow for unexpected delays..
  • QASP Management will ensure that the estimation, allocation and recording of project service costs, salary and wage costs, and facility depreciation costs are transparent, accessible and consistently applied;
  • QASP Management will provide the Chief Investigator / Project Leader with immediate notice of any circumstance that might adversely affect the conduct of their project. They in turn will ensure that their project is conducted in accordance with all relevant regulations, including those relating to animal welfare and ethics, environmental protection, biological safety, workplace health and safety.

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