The Queensland Animal Science Precinct (QASP) is a unique world-class research facility that accommodates training, teaching, validation and commercialisation of animal research focusing on the research and development requirements of state, national and international animal industries.

QASP has the ability to undertake a diverse range of animal research including nutrition, health and disease management, vaccine development, behavioural and welfare studies, biosecurity investigational work, reproduction and food safety – all of which have to date been conducted at the complex. These are key areas of strategic investment to ensure continued growth, efficiency, diversification and protection of animal industries. QASP facilitates increased national and international collaboration between scientists in the developed and developing world. It also serves to strengthen the interaction between researchers and industry to ensure that research and development leads to practical outcomes which can seamlessly be implemented at industry level.

Animal industries are vital to the economic, social and environmental wealth of Queensland. They contribute in excess of $4 billion annually in gross production value and are underpinned by an investment in people, infrastructure and resources in the vicinity of $25 billion. Animal industries provide major employment in rural and regional Queensland.

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